BRUMOS Scrap & Waste radiation monitor

Provetto BMSA


Provetto is simple to use because all the difficulty is absorbed by us: during installation the system is configured and calibrated. The measurement report can be customized.
The laboratory technician only needs to start the measurement and print the analysis report.
A calibration source is used for routine checks (every month or quarter, tipically) aimed at verifying correct operation.
In this way your measurement reports will be supported by a quality control procedure.
Provetto performs ‘total gamma’ check. The “spectro” function allows to make a spectroscopic differentiation, with separate analisys of three different components: 137Cs, 60Co and Total Gamma. The measurement time is between 5 and 12 minutes, depending on the choosen detector, and desired sensitivity.


  • Measurement and analysis cycle management
  • Display of spectra as a function of energy
  • Analysis results recorded in CVS file readable by MS EXCEL or similar, measurement report recorded in PDF and connected spectra in standard IAEA format
  • The system allows the gamma spectra acquisition and analysis and determines the concentration of 60Co in metal samples, and of 137Cs in powders and slags
  • The system is delivered efficiency calibrated for the indicated isotopes respecting the “sample” geometry
  • It performs also a total count check (in cps) with alarm indication if the threshold is exceeded
  • The automatic measurement procedure is the following:

    - Pre-fixed time measurement (default 300 seconds) with spectrum display; - Sample parameters request (description, weight, etc.);
    - Analysis results displayed at the end of measurement, printable;
    - Automatic results and spetrum record on the hard-disk.

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