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Brumola is a representative on the Italian market of leading companies in the production of a complete range of products suitable for solving all problems of measurement and monitoring of ionizing radiation, electromedical equipment and radiopharmaceuticals.

Thermo Scientific

Thermo has incorporated the Eberline, Bicron, Nuclear Enterprises and other brands, and is now a world leader in nuclear measurement instrumentation for any application. Portable instruments, portals, contamination monitors, hand-foot monitors, object monitors, air monitors, particulate monitors, iodine monitors, noble gases, etc., are all available. Whatever the nature of your problem, if it involves measurement of a nuclear quantity Thermo has the solution.


Eckert & Ziegler BEBIG GmbH

Eckert & Ziegler BEBIG is a market leader in brachytherapy, offering radioactive sources of various kinds for the treatment of ophthalmic tumors (I-125 iodine seeds and Ru-106 plaques) brain tumors (I-125 iodine seeds) and prostate tumors (I-125 iodine seeds).



Belmont Instrument Corporation, founded in 1980, has developed some of the most sophisticated and reliable devices in fluid management and cardiac care. Today Belmont Medical Devices are used in more than 60,000 procedures per year.
In Italy, the Belmont Hyperthermia Pump, an efficient and compact device for HIPEC procedures, is offered through Brumola Srl to hospitals.


Phoenix Dosimetry Ltd

Azienda Inglese dedicata alla fornitura e alla manutenzione di equipaggiamenti per la dosimetria clinica e per il controllo qualità: camere Farmer, fantocci ad acqua, etc. Con oltre trent'anni di esperienza nel settore Phoenix Dosimetry Ltd garantisce la qualità dei propri strumenti e del proprio servizio di assistenza.


BeBig Medical

Bebig Medical offers Saginova, HDR afterloader, and a full range of applicators, in many cases compatible with afterloaders from other manufacturers. SagiPlan treatment plan software, now enhanced to get the most out of HDR brachytherapy.


EcoTest Group

Ukrainian company, specializing in the production of fixed and portable instrumentation for radiation protection, a very broad product portfolio for a large number of applications in the industrial, hospital and military fields.



X-RIS manufactures equipment for nondestructive testing by radiography and industrial tomography. Located in Belgium, it offers inspection companies and manufacturers of aerospace, automotive, ammunition, etc. parts a range of standard or customized instruments for defect inspection and quality verification. Offering high quality solutions and making work easier.



Serstech is a Swedish company founded in 2006, by the collaboration of some entrepreneurs with the director of the Department of Nanotechnology of a Danish University, with the common goal of making common spectrometers on a par with smoke detectors. Serstech's initial focus was on the Security market, but the technology and products developed are not limited to this field. The use of chemicals in every field of application, and the increasing interest in regulating the use of such substances, require a rapid possibility of identification, and the ability to obtain reports to ensure the development and verification processes. With this in mind, the potential for expansion even outside the field of safety is endless



BrightSpec NV / SA is a young company founded by highly qualified scientists and engineers. Our group combines extensive technical experience in the field of radiation detection and engineering expertise with widespread experience in the sale and marketing of nuclear and X-ray instrumentation. In addition, the group has a good understanding of modern programming techniques, programming structure and algorithms, databases and data communications, computers and information technology. All in all, this increases the prospect of the company's future.



Lynax is a Czech Republic company specializing in the manufacture of radiation protection and nuclear medicine accessories, and systems for radiopharmaceutical handling and manipulation


Berkeley Nucleonics Corp

Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation is a leading manufacturer of electronic instrumentation for test and measurement, radiation detection, nuclear and microwave/RF research. Brumola distributes for Italy the section on gamma/neutron spectrometry and other ionizing radiation detectors. BNC technicians are always available to discuss the customer's specific needs. BNC offers demo units for field testing so that you can choose the instrument that is truly appropriate for your measurement needs. They are headquartered in San Rafael, California, with a very extensive network of distributors globally.


Overhoff Technology

Overhoff Technology, founded in 1972, designs and manufactures high-quality tritium monitoring instrumentation, earning a reputation as the world's leading manufacturer of these instruments.
Our experience in building tritium monitors for nearly 50 years is expressed in the quality of our products, which are perfected to excel in reliability and performance. The core values established by the founder, Dr. Mario W. Overhoff (1928-2005), are still present today. In 2007, Overhoff was acquired by a friend of Dr. Overhoff, Robert Goldstein, CEO of Technical Associates. Today, Overhoff and Technical Associates are subsidiaries of the US Nuclear Corporation.
Overhoff offers a full line of tritium monitoring instruments globally, to customers in the fields: nuclear, pharmaceutical, research laboratory, military, government, and more.
For Overhoff, product development has always been the focus: should you not find a suitable monitor for your needs, we can design one to your specifications. We maintain a very high quality control system and are ISO-9001:2015 certified.



INNOWTECH develops technological devices that combine measurement, robotics and innovation to provide industrial monitoring solutions. Autonomous or remote navigation robots for environmental dosimetry and surface contamination.


VF Nuclear

VF exclusively develops powerful, accurate and sensitive devices that can reliably detect ionizing radiation and ensure safety for people, the environment and facilities. Our expertise comes from practice. We stay abreast of global trends and integrate available solutions with our products. We also have direct experience with service and maintenance within nuclear facilities. A complete product line for Nuclear.

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Radiation MetriX

RADIATION METRIX develops a complete range of gamma cameras, personal direct reading dosimeters, and standalone or externally-detector-equipped radiameters, designed to cover a wide variety of applications.


Brumola Srl

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