About us

Brumola Srl is a Milan-based company that designs, sells, installs and repairs radiation measurement systems.

Established in 2008 by people who had been operating in this market for over 20 years, we design, manufacture, import, sell, install and repair nuclear detection instruments and systems.

If you are seeking for a representative in Italy, visit this page for the list of our principals and a

If you are interested in our BRUMOS (Brumola Monitor of Orphan Sources), please visit this page for more details


To provide its customers with the most appropriate instrumentation for the required monitoring or radiation protection needs by adapting, designing and refining the system with proven quality devices and in-depth experience in the field.


Radiometric portals installed in italy


Hospital companies consistently use our productsin italy


Companies in Italy use our portable tools on a daily basis


Routine maintenance work every year


Brumola Srl markets instruments for radioactivity monitoring, safety, electromedical equipment and radiopharmaceuticals throughout the country. The experience of more than 30 years in this field, accumulated by the founding partners, transcends the young age of this company.


Brumola Srl's technical department is composed of highly qualified personnel, trained directly by the companies for which we are distributors. The ability to customize installations and monitoring networks according to the customer's needs, also allows us to find solutions even in situations usually considered not very feasible; on several occasions we have used the know-how accumulated over the years to create real revolutionary solutions at our customers' facilities.

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