Spectrometric contamination monitor for steelworks powders

CESIDUST is an automatic system for continuous monitoring of powders, to be installed directly at the dust conveyor of your fume extraction plant.
Just as every chemical element emits light radiation with its characteristic wavelength, radioisotopes are recognized by the energy of their emission. 137Cs emits a 662.6 keV gamma energy line, which constitutes its "fingerprint". The fresh powders, however, contain a certain amount of natural isotopes produced by the decay of radon - a radioactive gas naturally present in the air. Among these (radon daugthers) the 214Bi - which emits several gamma lines, the most marked of which has an energy of 609 keV - is the easiest to reveal, and is often used as an indicator of the presence of radon daughters.
The presence of these natural radioisotopes in the fumes (combined with the fact that their concentration varies continuously, increasing with each casting to gradually decrease over a few hours) imposes strict limits on the compromise between sensitivity and false alarms.

User interface

  • Display of total counts and peak of the 137Cs
  • Spectrum stabilization
  • Spectrum display with highlighting areas related to 214Bi and 137Cs
  • Thresholds and alarms management
  • Remote management via LAN
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